Vegetarian Indian cuisine of New York

Indian food is gaining a lot of traction. While it has been present in the USA since the late 1970s, people have developed taste for it in the last few years. If you are a New Yorker, you will certainly be familiar with the Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights. Known for their taste and mouthwatering delicacies, the dishes are cooked in the clarified butter or ghee. While you might have chicken tikka in mind, Indian cuisine is more famous for its vegetarian dishes. Cooked with distinctive spices such as cumin, garam masala, carom seeds, coriander powder and more, the authentic taste can only be matched by an authentic Indian restaurant


Must try vegetarian Indian cuisine

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a lentil soup dish, that traditionally takes a day to cook. It is best in al lentil dishes and is rich in proteins. Whether you eat in the Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights or a 5-star hotel in India or a roadside eatery, you’ll always find this dish on their menu. Rich and exotic, Dal makhani is cooked on a slow fire overnight until it becomes soft and creamy. A dash of homemade butter (makhani) or ghee with Indian spices takes it to a different level.

Aaloo Parantha
Aaloo Parantha is a mashed potato stuffed flatbread with a dash of spices. Though, originated in Punjab, it is loved by people all around the world. The traditional aaloo parantha is cooked with clarified butter and eaten with homemade butter and beaten yogurt. It is routine breakfast dish in almost all Indian homes. Many people add different stuffing to create their own version of stuffed flatbreads, but nothing beats aaloo parantha.

A staple drink of Punjabi household, Lassi is loved by the residents of New York. The Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights have often reported having the record-breaking sales of the drink. Lassi is a coolant made from curd. The curd is churned with spices and sugar. Lassi has two variants -- spicy and sweet. Creamy and thick, Lassi keeps body and mind cool in summers. It tastes best in the clay pots.

Rajbhog NY
, one of the leading Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights is famous for its vegetarian menu. You can order online or use their catering service for various events.


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